The Wolf In CIO's Clothing

The Wolf In CIO's Clothing

As a CIO under fire, is it better to be liked or respected? How do you distinguish between risk and recklessness?

Years of experience working with CIOs have led Tina Nunno to a universal truth: IT is constantly under fire — and the CIO is usually the center of the target.

Building on the implied Machiavellian principle that leaders (like animals) are either predator or prey, Ms. Nunno examines the leadership characteristics of seven animal types, and asserts that the wolf — a social animal with strong predatory instincts — is the ideal example of a successful leader worth following.

Through stories gleaned from Ms. Nunno's work with hundreds of CIOs, The Wolf in CIO's Clothing demonstrates how any CIO can adapt and thrive under pressure by mastering the Machiavellian principles of power, manipulation and warfare.

Tina Nunno
Verlag: Gartner, Inc. (4. Oktober 2013)

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