Recommendations for an AI Strategy in Switzerland

Digital transformation is radically reshaping almost every aspect of our society. The explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics applications is enabled by the extreme availability of data in combination with the sub-stantial computing power of modern highly distributed computing infrastructures connected by high-speed net-works. Machine learning technologies can be trained to per-form specific tasks with an efficiency and an accuracy that can supplement and, in some cases, outperform that of hu-mans. These systems provide deep insights by learning from data and interactions with users, which is already leading to a profound transformation of numerous industries, profes-sions and society at large. The current state of AI is, howev-er, still far from delivering truly intelligent behaviour that is comparable to human intelligence. An AI research strategy should therefore carefully analyse AI’s history with its vari-ous waves of large promises and conceptual shortcomings.

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