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Cloud for Business Managers in Midsize Organisations: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This research set out to investigate the ways in which line of-business managers in midsized organisations across the world with revenues of £50 million to £499 million are using cloud apps in their departments. It explores their motivations for adopting cloud apps, how easily they are able to share information generated within the apps across the company and any problems they have encountered in this respect. The findings show that the adoption of cloud apps across the world is remarkably high and in all departments, but that integration problems are endemic.

Key findings
Adoption of cloud applications:

  • 33% of midsize organisations around the world say the cost of top-of-the range software and IT systems has prevented their company buying best-in-class business applications.
  • In addition, 57% agree that cloud computing allows access to top-quality business applications.
  • Indeed, 74% of midsize organisations have adopted cloud applications.
  • 75% of adopters say their motivation was to get quick access to software, while 47% took on the apps to get access to more appropriate software for their department.

Reliability and functionality of cloud applications:

  • However, 55% say their department has experienced staff downtime in the last 6 months due to cloud integration problems.
  • 55% say project deadlines have been missed in the last 6 months due to cloud integration problems.
  • 84% have been prevented from getting the best out of their departmental cloud applications - 25% blame poor integration.
  • 21% complain the apps are not usable on mobile devices, which has prevented them from getting the best out of the cloud.
  • 76% say their ability to innovate using their cloud apps has been hindered and the main hindrance is a lack of integration (54%).
  • Indeed, 50% of companies have abandoned the use of at least 1 departmental cloud app in the last 3 years due to integration problems, and at a frequency of 4 apps dropped per year on average.

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