Red Hat Summit Round Up

Red Hat Summit is the global event where we delivered in May the latest announcements on open source technology releases, roadmaps and business strategies for the next year.

Featuring over 20 keynote speakers, 300+ breakout sessions and 20+ hands on labs..watched by over 8.000 attendees.

We are going to distill the best bits for you into an hour and a half and take a look at the exciting things happening in open source. Come and find about everything from:

  • platform changes and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8)
  • updates Red Hat container platform OpenShift 4
  • all the way up to the latest developer tooling which is all optimised to create and run code in a container

Whether you are an architect, developer, system admin, manager, executive or SRE, there should be something useful to take away from the session.

  • June 5 | 8.30AM - 11.00AM
  • Campus PH Zurich | Lagerstrasse 2, 8090 Zurich

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