Replace Your Touchscreens With Voices From The Cloud?

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Why After Corona ATMs, ticket & vending machines are redundant unless “botified”

Perhaps the biggest technical significance of the novel coronavirus since 2019 is that everyone from the Chinese to the Americans, the Swiss to the Australians are now aware everything they touch outdoors, and especially indoors, could cause them to die suddenly from COVID 19. After giving two keynotes at a famous, weeklong IT conference with around 2000 attendees in Munich at the start of February, I landed at London Heathrow and fell immediately ill to what was likely COVID . As I couldn't get tested easily in the UK, I fought off this truly frightening coronavirus at home on our mixed arable farm in Kent. You could say my Covid Survivor Experience led directly to this personally motivated tech inspiration as one of the few women Chief Technology Innovation Officers in the European ecosystem.

Meanwhile my 70 year old cousins in Bavaria, a retired Swiss Franconian orthopaedic surgeon and hospital boss with his Dutch German wife who just ended her lifelong career as a physiotherapist at the local psychiatric clinic, both now do their grocery shopping decked out in their former medical kit: gloves for the potentially life threatening village shopping carts and self sown facial masks. The threat is serious and many countries “AC” are mandating the compulsory adornment of masks if not gloves when people leave their homes for any activity.

Next step: get rid of all the touchscreens at Automatic Tellers at every single bank branch, coffee and snack vending machines in office buildings and petrol stations, ticket machines at train and bus stations. Not to mention the vending machines with touchscreens at hot spots like international airports. I suggested this to one of our sales reps in Berlin already in mid February when our Munich headquartered company AI Bots as a Service / AI BaaS started work on making our CogX Avatars ™ 100% “voice run” with no touchscreens necessary.
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Tania Peitzker