Cloud-Finder Schweiz Experten-Beirat: Prof. Dr. Donald Kossmann

Donald Kossmann, ETH Zürich

ETH Zürich
CAB F 73
Universitätstrasse 6
CH-8092 Zürich

Tel.: +41 44 632 294

Introduction to the ETH Systems Group
The Systems Group is a joint initiative of four professors of the Computer Science Department of ETH Zürich: Gustavo Alonso, Donald Kossmann, Timothy Roscoe and Nesime Tatbul.

Formally established in 2007, the Systems Group includes today over 25 Ph.D. students, 5 senior researchers, and 4 faculty members. The Group was created as an open and internationally visible research environment that brings together expertise from different areas and provides the necessary critical mass to tackle large scale, long term projects.

Our research is characterized by:

  • Collaborative research
  • Real systems
  • Ties to industry
  • Emphasis on tech transfer to education and industry

Processing Encrypted Data in the Cloud (PDF)

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